First aid hose reel drums



Technical Specifications
BIS Specification : IS 884
Type : A, Swinging Type, Wall Mounted
Size : INLET 20 MM
Material of Construction : MS Sheet Conforming to IS 513
SIDWS, Hub,Wall Bracket : Grade LTB2 of IS 318
Swivel Joint : IS 1239 (PART 1)
Pipe With Fittings : Rubber as per IS 444 or Thermoplastic as per IS 12585
Hose : Nozzle
Performance : IS 8090
Hydrostatic Pressures Test : No leakage at 21 kg/cm2
Range of Throw at 7kg/cm2 Minimum 6 Meters
Discharge at 7kg/cm2 Minimum 24 LPM


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