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Welcome ATASEE

ATASEE consists of a team of experienced people who plan, design, create and rebuild. Protection remains the prime motto for building satisfied clients. We consistently stress our Research & Development and test our products at regular intervals before releasing them to the Markets.


ATASEE is one of the leading manufacturers of fire safety equipment in India. We deal with a multitude of fire extinguishers and fire protection products. At ATASEE, we understand that fire fighting equipment and the system are very vital for saving lives. Thus, our aim remains to deliver cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to protect assets, property & business.

ATASEE is uncompromising in providing the best safety products and manufacturing much-needed products for various customers. Providing the Right Fire Safety Equipment requires a commitment and On-time with the right pitch and with the proper planning. We obtain a closer look at the consumer’s requirements. We continuously review our safety protocols even within the organization and place our consumers in the same priority seat.


ATASEE let the fire beware, your people & home are engaged in Manufacturing, Supplying & Trading of Quality range of Fire Fighting Equipments & Safety Products.


Our Mission

Some Reasons to Work Together

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We Believe in Best Quality

All our products are manufactured conforming to relevant Indian and International Standards.

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We Believe in Good Relation

We have an added edge of being able to customize products to specific customer specifications.

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We Believe in Abilities

We are committed to broadening our skills and abilities to serve and protect our communities.

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What Is Our Goals & Mission

Shaping A Great Tomorrow Together, Inspired Leadership, Super Product & Services and We, Will, Support A High Level Of Ethics Teamwork, And Professionalism While Demonstrating A Caring Attitude Towards Employee And Customers through quality and development to save lives and properties.

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