Fire Extinguisher Ball

The fire extinguisher ball is an innovative novel method for putting out fires. It is a small, lightweight ball that, when thrown onto a fire, will explode and discharge a dense cloud of fire-extinguishing powder. The powder is non-toxic, biodegradable, and effective against all forms of fire, including grease, oil, and electrical fires.

A fire extinguisher ball has the following advantages:

  • Simple enough for those who have never fought a fire to utilise effectively
  • Useful for putting out any kind of fire, whether it is one caused by grease, oil, or electricity.
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • No danger to humans or animals
  • Minimalist and transportable

Safety precautions:

  • Do not stand too close to the fire when throwing the ball.
  • Do not use the ball in confined spaces.
  • Avoid inhaling the fire extinguishing powder.
  • The Fire Extinguisher Ball is a valuable safety tool that can help you protect your home, business, and loved ones from fire.


Available Capacity : 1.3kg.
Weight of extinguishing powder mixture : 1.3+/-0.2kg
Total weight of the agent : 1.5+-0.2kg
NEC : 4.0
Daimeter : 147mm
Warnign audio signal : 120db(Impulse Noise)
Activation Time : 3 – 10 sec with flame
Effective extinguish area : 1.3kg-3 cubic meter

1 Peice in color box : -17.2*17.2*16.5cm
12 Peices in carton : -57*37*37.5cm
N.W&G.W : 16.8/18.00kg


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