Practically Europe, but with Arabs and the Sahara – this is a brief portrait of North Africa, a region, most of which is given to the power of boundless sands and eternal silence, while a smaller part is green for the tourists’ pleasure, acceptable for life and all kinds of amenities. Here are the largest states of the continent – Algeria, Sudan and Libya, the “monsters” of tourism – Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, and a couple of mourning territories, some of which have not yet formalized their independence (Western Sahara), others – have formalized, do not know what to do with it (South Sudan). Best Africans online casino.

North Africa is the best destination for those who want to immerse themselves in an authentic Moorish-Berber atmosphere, with all its attractive attributes: coffee pots with curved noses, red-walled palaces in the middle of the sands, the pinching melodies of the lute and madly black starry sky, a high dome bent over the sighing land. In this case, no less importantly, if you are not yet ready to completely break away from civilization, all components of life in a European style are present: and modern hotels, many of which are easily up to snuff “colleagues” from the Old World, and the beautiful roads with signs in Latin, and in general the rules of life of local people – not without its original quirks, of course, but in general very reasonable in terms of Europeans.

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